Brexit Cook Book

Brexit Cook Book

Flick through The Brexit Cookbook and salivate over the post-truth state of food for patriots


It’s time to take back control of your kitchen cupboard. Leave national borders and law for the suits to sort and deal with Brexit in the place it affects us the most, meal time. Why have garlic bread when you can have marmite on toast? Since when did a pancake become a crêpe? And is pizza nothing more than a mushed up ploughman’s pressed flat? The Brexit Cookbook talks you through all of the foreign food that has swamped our shores and replaces it with the proper British equivalent. Put down the bruschetta, pick up the bread and dripping, and let’s make food great again with this essential guide to British cuisine.
  • Hilarious take on how Brexit affects food
  • Each spread features a foreign food and its British equivalent
  • Stick it to Brussels one Scotch egg at a time
  • Paperback, 96 pages
  • 19.5cm
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    Brexit Cook BookBrexit Cook Book
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