Bucket Of Doom
Bucket Of Doom Bucket Of Doom

Bucket Of Doom

Open up the Bucket of Doom and talk your way through crazy situations


You're hurtling down the motorway at 100mph when the steering wheel comes off in your hands. You have a sweaty yoga mat, a rubber band ball and a bottle of Dale Winton's favourite tanning lotion. What do you do- Such situations and many more extreme ones are all too common in Bucket of Doom. Your creative escape plan is the difference between life and death (well, winning and losing anyway). Every player is dealt a hand of eight random and fairly useless object cards before being read a doom-laden scenario. Players then explain how to save themselves from peril using only the objects in their possession. Everyone then votes for the best story and that player then wins the round. It's a great game where absolutely anything can happen, with zany scenarios and the most bizarre collection of objects we've ever seen printed on cards inside a bucket.
  • Death dodging party game
  • Escape from doom-laden scenarios
  • Form plans utilising completely useless objects
  • Best escape plan wins each round
  • Double-sided cards for two different games
  • Includes voting slips and pencils
  • Comes in a pink bucket (of doom)
  • Cards 9cm


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Bucket Of DoomBucket Of Doom
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