Cant Be Arsed
Cant Be Arsed Cant Be Arsed

Cant Be Arsed

101 things to not do before you die, for those of you who simply Can't Be Arsed


Are you sick and tired of these "top things to do before you die" lists that keep barging into our humble lives, not-so-gently insinuating that our current state of being is pathetically boring and we need to go and validate our existence by having a photo taken of us in front of some monument or other- Well Richard Wilson (he produces Have I Got News For You don't you know) certainly is, and has made it his mission to go through said lists and pick out 101 of the so called "must do" activities that he quite simply can't be arsed with. A genuinely entertaining book that gives insight as to just why he'd rather have a nice sit down than do any of the things he apparently should, punctuated with witty personal experiences. Nothing is safe from Wilson's sarcastic gaze, from jumping out of a plane to having sex on one, from Thailand to New York. It's a hilarious book that lets you know that sometimes, you just don't have to do anything. Well, expect maybe put the kettle on.
  • Hardback
  • 213 pages
  • 20.5cm


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Cant Be ArsedCant Be Arsed
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