Dino Poo Dig Kit
Dino Poo Dig Kit Dino Poo Dig Kit Dino Poo Dig Kit Dino Poo Dig Kit Dino Poo Dig Kit

Dino Poo Dig Kit

Find genuine fossilised dinosaur dung when you crack open the block from this Dino Poo Dig Kit


If Indiana Jones has taught us anything, it's that archaeologists have an incredibly glamorous lifestyle. Now you can take part in it with this genuine dinosaur poo excavation kit! Don't worry, this poop hasn't smelled in a long, long time and definitely won't leave an unsightly stain on your carpet. You see, these lumps of ancient poo are genuine million-year-old coprolites (that's the fancy name for dinosaur droppings that have been fossilized). Chisel into the earthen block with the included tools and slowly chip away at it to fully unearth the prehistoric treasure within. When you do find a chunk of coprolite, gently excavate it from the rock before dusting it down and proudly adding it to your collection.
  • Dig for genuine dinosaur poo
  • Contains real coprolite pieces
  • Earthen block with tools for excavation
  • Box 24.5cm tall
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Requires adult supervision
Item requires parental guidance


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Dino Poo Dig KitDino Poo Dig Kit
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