Drinking Roulette
Drinking Roulette Drinking Roulette Drinking Roulette Drinking Roulette

Drinking Roulette

Get messy at home with the 16 shot glasses on this Drinking Roulette wheel

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We've all got our vices, and two of the most popular in the world are drinking and gambling. There's something about the slack judgement caused by booze and the intense risk of gambling that go together like Siegfried and Roy. You can combine the two now with this decadent game of Drinking Roulette. 16 shot glasses line the edge of a small roulette wheel, each one assigned a coloured rim and a number that corresponds to the spinner in the middle. Fill each glass with your poison of choice (or a soft drink of some kind, the fun is in the spin!) and then set that spinner in motion before chucking in the ball and waiting to see where it comes to rest. Whether you've bet on a straight red or black or a set of numbers, chances are someone's got to down a shot!
  • Roulette wheel drinking game
  • 16 shot glasses with roulette numbers and colours
  • Spinning roulette wheel and balls
  • 30cm diam
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance

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Drinking RouletteDrinking Roulette
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