Hb Backwards Clock
Hb Backwards Clock Hb Backwards Clock

Hb Backwards Clock

Travel through time (kinda) with this backwards wall hanging clock


Nothing is quite as it seems when you first look at this wall clock. Though perfectly unassuming at first glance, you'll quickly notice that behind its reserved appearance lays something cheeky and mischievous. For starters, the only numbers that are where they should be on the clock face are 12 and 6. Plus the second hand is going the wrong way. And what on earth does the "seilf emit" written across the bottom mean?! Then it hits you like a time warp, the clock is backwards! No, you're not looking at the wrong side of it, it's all completely set up and geared to run anti-clockwise in a rather unconventional manner (ohhh, it says "time flies" backwards!). Once you've figured it out the 28cm glass-fronted face is actually really easy to read and makes your day to day life just a touch more interesting, plus it gives visitors something to puzzle over.
  • Requires 1 X AA battery
  • 28cm


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Hb Backwards ClockHb Backwards Clock
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