Levitating Strobe Pen
Levitating Strobe Pen Levitating Strobe Pen

Levitating Strobe Pen

Watch jaws drop when they witness the incredible Levitating Strobe Pen float in mid air

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Oh you're pen had a bright red lid, that's cool. This one DEFIES GRAVITY! Yeah, we thought you'd be impressed. You can either pull your hair out trying to figure out just how the whole thing is floating in mid air like that (magnets, it's magnets), or simply gawp in wonder whilst the pen spins in place, laughing in the face of gravity as it twirls. The two tone black and white pattern adds to the effect, making the pen appear to strobe as it twists. When you need to write something down, all you have to do is pluck pen from its non-existent cradle and it's good to go!
  • Floating pen and cradle
  • Pen stays afloat with repelling magnets
  • Pattern cerates strobe effects when it spins
  • Writes in blue ink
  • Base 12.5cm wide

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