New Edition Urban Dictionary

New Edition Urban Dictionary

Look up new words, phrases and slang terms from the Urban Dictionary


Classic dictionaries are handy to have around, but try looking up definitions for "bed gravity", "farticles" or "meatspace" (the opposite of cyberspace) and you'll probably come up short. Thankfully the New Edition Urban Dictionary is here to help with all of the everyday lingo that is too modern for most other dictionaries. Defining slang, memes, pop-culture and urban life as we know it, this book is packed with funny entries that are sure to see you laughing all the way from A to Z.
  • Humorous dictionary parody
  • Definitions for slang words and more
  • 'Best of' collection from the popular website of the same name
  • 266 pages, paperback
  • 18cm tall


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New Edition Urban DictionaryNew Edition Urban Dictionary
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