Pass Gass

Pass Gass

This party game encourages players to Pass Gass and avoid his ponging parps!


It's the first fart related game that produces sounds and smells! Pass Gass the dog between players and roll the dice as he goes around the table. The number on the dice roll indicates the number of times the current player must pump the dog's tail. if you're lucky then nothing happens, but there's a random chance you could trigger a bit of rectal wind that gets a bit whiffy! Should the bum choose to fart on you, you're eliminated from the round and Gass is passed to the next player. Last person standing wins! The set includes three different scent cartridges that range from pleasant fragrances to a truly revolting pong.
  • Party game featuring large dog toy
  • Makes flatulent sounds and emits smells
  • Three scents: one pleasant, one neutral and one unpleasant
  • Random number of tail presses triggers sound and scent
  • Also includes dice and cardboard spinner

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