Pee Pee Bib

Pee Pee Bib

Strap on the Pee Pee Bib and keep your trousers safe from urinal splashback and drippage


All men have been there, when an unfortunate drip or overly enthusiastic shake sends a projectile teardrop of urine splashing down onto your trousers. The results can be embarrassing and hard to cope with, especially when you're out in public. But fear no more, the Pee Pee Bib is your hero of the hour. Simply poke your fun hose through the hole, fasten the ties around your waist, and pee safe in the knowledge that no amount of splashback or drippage will reach your pristine trousers. What an age we live in.
  • Small bib for your giggle stick
  • Protects trousers from drips and splashback
  • Easy to fasten
  • Pocket-sized splash guard
  • 13cm

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