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Recon Observation Drone
Recon Observation Drone Recon Observation Drone Recon Observation Drone

Recon Observation Drone

Take to the air with the Recon Observation Drone and shoot videos from the sky

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Gain an eye in the sky that's under your complete control with this brilliant RC camera drone. Send the Recon Observation Drone out on a scouting mission and its underside camera will capture footage, loading up the on-board SD card with videos and still images of whatever it sees. Just press either the video or photo buttons on the controller during flight to start recording images to view back later. The drone even comes with an SD card reader so you can plug it straight into a computer and view your aerial handy work.

Operating on the 2.4G frequency, the Recon Observation drone enjoys a control range of up to 50 metres as well as an increased resilience to signal interference, meaning it can operate alongside other RC vehicles unhindered. It also features a three speed flight toggle, giving you more control and greater movement as well as a stunt button that triggers a mid-air flip. This stable flying machine is a great first step into the world of drones as it offers a bit of everything and comes with all the bits you need to get started.
  • RC camera drone
  • Records videos and takes photos
  • Saves to on-board SD card (included)
  • Come with USB SD card reader
  • Operates on 2.4G frequency
  • Three speed modes
  • Loop-the-loop stunt button
  • 50 metre control range
  • Still image resolution: 1280 x 960
  • Recorded video resolution: 640 x 480
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • One hour charge for up to eight minutes of flight
  • Charges via USB (included)
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries
  • Drone 32cm wide
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Tested to EU Standards
Tested to EU Standards


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Product Questions And Answers

Ask a Question

  • What is the standard flying time on one normal set of batteries? What are the resolution specs of the video and still picture from the camera?

    The standard flight time is up to eight minutes on a single one hour charge of the on-board battery. Still pictures are taken at 1280 x 960, whereas videos are recorded at 640 x 480.

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  • Can you tell me please which type of battery/battery spec the drone uses please? I know the controller takes 4 X AA. Thanks.

    Inside the drone itself is a 3.7V 650mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery. It has a one hour charge time that provides up to eight minutes of flight.

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  • Can I purchase additional batteries?

    At this time we do not have additional batteries available for this drone. Sorry!

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  • Are there any instructions/guidelines on how to trim the flight if this copter, as the instructions in the booklet aren't very clear?

    The buttons that control the trim are the sliding switches underneath and to the sides of each control stick. If the drone is turning without input, slide the switch beneath the left stick in the opposite direction to the drone's spin to correct it. Likewise, if the drone leans to the left or right without input, you can correct this motion using the sliding switch underneath the right stick. Finally, if the drone is pulling forward or back without input, correct the motion using the sliding switch to the side of the right stick. Hope that helps!

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  • Are the instructions available on line please? I've lost mine and cannot seem to start from cold, the drone flashes, the transmitter bleeps but will not take control

    Unfortunately the instructions are not available online, but please email [email protected] and our team should be able to send you a set.

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  • Are there spare parts available for this item like there with the Syma products?

    Unfortunately we do not have a supply of spare parts for the Recon Drone at this time. Sorry about that!

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  • can you view a continuous image via the camera/video, whilst flying, without taking an actual photo/video?

    No. The videos and photos are recorded and stored to an onboard SD card that must be removed from the Recon Observation Drone's camera before they can be viewed.

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  • What does flying with 2G mean? Does it mean only flies with a mobile satellite signal not radio controlled only if so it is no good to me as we are lucky to be in a mobile free area.

    It shouldn't be an issue as 2.4G is nothing to do with the mobile networks. 2.4G is a frequency that this RC drone and certain other RC vehicles are controlled with. There are many benefits to 2.4G, chief of which is its resilliance to signal interference, meaning other RC toys and gadgets can be operated around it without any kind of disruption to the controls.

    If you would like to know more, we have a blog post that details the benefits of 2.4G here:

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  • I need some new instructions. How do I charge it?
    To charge the Recon Observation Drone, first ensure that it is turned off, then open up its battery compartment. Unplug and remove the battery from the drone, then attach the battery's connector to the USB charging cable and plug it into a USB port or a USB mains adapter. A full charge should take approximately 60 minutes. Hope that helps!
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  • Hi, Can the lithium battery come out so I can replace it with a charged one while the other one charges or does the drone have to be plugged in while charging. Loved the video for this. Looks fun

    Yes, the lithium battery inside can be removed to charge. The USB charging cable connects directly to the battery rather than the drone. Hope that helps!

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  • Hi does the drone have lights on for night time use?

    The drone has green and red lights on its underside which are largely used to help determine the orientation of your drone. We do not reccommend extended night flights as these lights do not illuminate the way or reveal potential hazards hidden in the dark. Hope that helps!

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  • I've charged it , turned on the controller and drone , lights are on but nothing else is happening? How do you get the propellers going?

    With both the controller and drone switched on, move the left lever up and then down to synchronise them. You should then be ready to fly. Hope that helps!

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  • Is there a way around having to recalibrate the drone after every charge and is there a way to have a longer flight time than 6-8 minutes

    Thank you for your message. The drone needs to synch each time after a charge, but calibration should be minimal. If the problem persists, please email our team on [email protected] with the issues you are encountering. The flight time of 6 to 8 minutes is down to the battery size. You might be able to find new batteries online or at hobby shops. You'll need a 3.7V battery with a JST connector. Our Recon drones are supplied with a 650 mAh battery, but you should be able to find one with a larger capacity for a longer flight time. Hope that helps!

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  • Ive swapped the old blades for new ones now it wont take off why ?

    Thank you for your message. Please ensure that you have fitted the correct blades to each motor. There are two sets of A blades and two sets of B blades. Please install them as indicated in the instruction manual. If this does not resolve the issue or you require furhter assistance, please feel free to email the team on [email protected] Hope that helps!

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  • Impossible to find spares - can you specify exactly type of battery & charging cable so i can buy on internet.Thanks

    The batteries are 3.7V 650 mAh LiPo batteries with a JST connector. Whilst we do no currently supply spares or officially endorse any particular suppliers, other customers have recommended the below set to us from Amazon:

    Hope that helps!

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Recon Observation DroneRecon Observation Drone
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