The Absolutely Authentic Mensa Test

The Absolutely Authentic Mensa Test

Take on The Absolutely Authentic Mensa Test and see if there's a place for you in the high IQ society

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Do you know someone who thinks they're pretty smart- See if they can put their mind where their mouth is with this set of 50 question cards from Mensa, the high IQ society. Each one features a verbal or numerical reasoning puzzle and a Mensa star rating. If you get that question correct, add the number of stars it's worth to your total score. Once you've run through all of the cards, add up your stars and compare you score. If you get at least 150 out of 250 stars, you could be Mensa material! But be warned, some of these are seriously tricky.
  • Authentic Mensa IQ test questions
  • Official Mensa product
  • Mix of verbal or numerical reasoning puzzles
  • 50 different questions cards with answers on reverse
  • Each question has a star rating
  • Add up your score and compare it on the Mensa scale
  • Cards 15cm tall

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