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Your Summer Christmas Essentials

Who doesn’t love Christmas!? If December 25th seems too far away, never fear! Stocking Fillers is campaigning to bring a mid-year yuletide celebration to the UK.

Although celebrated in the southern hemisphere, us Brits barely recognise a mid-year Christmas. To avoid us looking like the Scrooges of the world, it’s time we dug out our Santa hats and dusted off the mistletoe. Of course, Christmas in August is not quite the same as our December celebrations. Read on to find out about the summer twists you should be adding to your traditional Christmas essentials.

Palm Trees

While pine, fir and spruce trees may be go-to choices come December 25th, why not decorate a palm tree in honour of the mid-year festival?

Okay, so palm trees aren’t that common in Britain — how about an inflatable one instead?

Buckets & Spades

In December, buckets and spades are merely pipedreams, as we long for warmer weather while braving the snow, sleet and hail.

For this special yuletide celebration, however, you should swap your stockings for buckets and spades. Hang them up and await the arrival of the jolly fat man to fill them up with treats!


Who wants to look at scenes of open fires in the sweltering heat of August? Not us! That's why we're ditching the Christmas cards in favour of postcards. Pictures of sand, sea and sun are much more appropriate for your mid-year event and will help you spread the Christmas in August cheer.

Hawaiian Shirts

Wear a Christmas jumper in August and you'll not only receive a few strange looks, you'll be really hot too!

Instead, ditch the knits in favour of Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo. As the official outfit of Christmas in August, select the brightest colour and boldest patterns for maximum impact.


Mulled wine is great for warming up after braving the cold on the way to the pub in December, but it has no place in our summertime celebrations. Instead, we'll be swapping ours for jugs of Pimms - perfect for sipping in the sunshine. Of course, we'll rustle up some non-alcoholic cocktails for the little ones too!


Sledges are pretty pointless when there's no snow around. That's why we're trading ours in for a surfboard. Which way to the beach!?

Which Christmas essential will you be trading in? Let us know in Twitter and Facebook!